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Mixed Fruit Jam Manufacturers

Fruit jam manufacturers use different fruits to make their own produce. In many cases, these fruits are used alone to make a jam, such as sour cherries. But in many cases, mixing more than one fruit to make the mixed fruit jam with will increase the variety and create new flavors.

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Mixed Vegetable Jam

The only ingredient used to make jam is not fruit. Because different vegetables are also used to make jams, and some of them are very popular in so,e cases. For example, carrot jam, known in most countries as best selling jams. In some cases more than two kinds of vegetables are used to make vegetable jam, such as tomato chili jam or pumpkin and ginger jam.

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Ratio Of Sugar To Fruit In Jam

The ratio of honey to fruit in making fruit jams depends on how you want to your jam be sweet. Many people do not want their jam too sweet. That’s why you need to be careful not to use too much sugar. When using sweet fruits you can place the fruit ratio in sugar 2:1. That is, for every 2 kg of fruit a kilo of sugar. But for the sour fruits, the fruit sugar ratio can be 3:2 . That is, 3 kg of fruit and two kg of sugar. If more than this amount of sugar is used, it will result in a jam too sweet.


Unique Jam Flavors

The use of fruits such as apples or cherries in many countries is usual. But in some countries, the use of not-so-common fruits for making jam makes a unique flavor. For example, banana jam or watermelon jelly are among the desserts that are made because of the specificity of their production in certain countries. Other unique flavors include hot pepper jelly. Another reason for the low production of these types of jams is their low consumption among buyers.

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Mixed Fruit Jam Price

The price of mixed fruit jam depends to a great extent on what fruit is used to make this product. Because the main ingredient used to make jam is fruit. So, for sure it will have more impact on the price on that product. You can contact us if you are looking for information about the price of fruit jam through following links.

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